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2012-05-01 screen shot (Archlinux + Xfce 4.10)

Xfce 自带的这张壁纸还是蛮漂亮的。

另:Xfce更新到4.10 后会发现Panel居左了。解决办法(来自这里:https://makandracards.com/makandra/4489-right-align-or-center-panel-items-in-xfce):

Right-align or center panel items in XFCE
Add a separator between left-aligned and right-aligned items.
In the separator properties, set the style to “Transparent” and check “Expand”.
The separator will now grab all available space and hence push the right-hand items into the corner.

You can also use this trick to center panel items by using two separators (one on the left, one on the right side).

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