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June 10th,WordPress 2.8


从文中得知:WP 2.9将要求MySQL 4.1.2或更高,MySQL < 4.1.2 检查将增加以防止自动升级到2.9。同时WP也表明将逐渐向php5迈进。

Summary of #wordpress-dev IRC meetup for 20090603

Posted June 3, 2009 by Ryan Boren. Filed under Development.
  • Next Wednesday, June 10th, is the target date for the release of
    WordPress 2.8.  Tickets against the 2.8 milestone that are not
    blockers will be postponed to another release.
  • WP 2.9 will require MySQL 4.1.2 or greater.  This is raised from the current requirement of 4.0.
  • Checks will be added to the automatic upgrader that will prevent upgrading to 2.9 if  MySQL < 4.1.2 is being used.  The upgrader will also issue a notice that suggests asking the host to upgrade MySQL to meet the minimum requirement.
  • In order to promote migration to PHP 5, the upgrader will suggest that those running
    PHP 4 switch to PHP 5. A link to a Codex page describing how to switch for various hosts should be provided.
  • The new weekly IRC meetup time will be every Wednesday at 9pm UTC.

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