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File Formats
All scripts contributed to PEAR must:

Be stored as ASCII text

Use ISO-8859-1 character encoding

Be Unix formatted

“Unix formatted” means two things:

1) Lines must end only with a line feed (LF). Line feeds are represented as ordinal 10, octal 012 and hex 0A. Do not use carriage returns (CR) like Macintosh computers do or the carriage return/line feed combination (CRLF) like Windows computers do.

2) There should be one line feed after the closing PHP tag (?>). This means that when the cursor is at the very end of the file, it should be one line below the closing PHP tag.

PhpDocumentor/phpDocumentor/Converters/HTML/frames/templates/ 目录下面所有模板文件:

ISO 8859-1,正式编号为ISO/IEC 8859-1:1998,又称Latin-1或“西欧语言”,是国际标准化组织内ISO/IEC 8859的第一个8位字符集。

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