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kissdb golang 绑定

this is a golang binding for kissdb C api. repo :

KISSDB 是一个最简单的 key/value 存储,使用纯 C 开发, gti repo url为:

我给它写了个go语言绑定: go doc:

benchmark (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 4.50GHz, 6 core 12 thread):

goos: linux
goarch: amd64
BenchmarkOpen100-12           100000         21585 ns/op
BenchmarkOpen1000-12           50000         29218 ns/op
BenchmarkGet-12              1000000          1299 ns/op
BenchmarkSet-12               300000         16986 ns/op
BenchmarkSave100-12            30000         47847 ns/op
BenchmarkSave10000-12          30000         47690 ns/op
ok  14.630s

(Keep It) Simple Stupid Database

KISSDB is about the simplest key/value store you'll ever see, anywhere. It's written in plain vanilla C using only the standard string and FILE I/O functions, and should port to just about anything with a disk or something that acts like one.

It stores keys and values of fixed length in a stupid-simple file format based on fixed-size hash tables. If a hash collision occurrs, a new "page" of hash table is appended to the database. The format is append-only. There is no delete. Puts that replace an existing value, however, will not grow the file as they will overwrite the existing entry.

Hash table size is a space/speed trade-off parameter. Larger hash tables will reduce collisions and speed things up a bit, at the expense of memory and disk space. A good size is usually about 1/2 the average number of entries you expect.


Tiny, compiles to ~4k on an x86_64 Linux system Small memory footprint (only caches hash tables) Very space-efficient (on disk) if small hash tables are used Makes a decent effort to be robust on power loss Pretty respectably fast, especially given its simplicity 64-bit, file size limit is 2^64 bytes Ports to anything with a C compiler and stdlib/stdio Public domain Limitations:

Fixed-size keys and values, must recreate and copy to change any init size parameter Add/update only, no delete Iteration is supported but key order is undefined No search for subsets of keys/values No indexes No transactions No special recovery features if a database gets corrupted No built-in thread-safety (guard it with a mutex in MT code) No built-in caching of data (only hash tables are cached for lookup speed) No endian-awareness (currently), so big-endian DBs won't read on little-endian machines

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