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So Good Bye

很清新的一首歌,来自Sogyumo Acacia Band(소규모 아카시아 밴드).

so goodbye
I think I should have told you that I’m still yours
so goodbye my love
So Goodbye. 
So Goodbye. ~
I here the birds singing It’s time to go
so Goodbye my friends
I thought, You would do but I was wrong B
Now, I see myself still left alone g

Now, I think I know where I belong
Now, I don’t want to let this life go on
No more, no more
So Goodbye

Sogyumo Acacia Band是韩国的Jin Min-hong(金民洪)和Song Eunjie(宋恩珍)一男一女二人Indie团,Sogyumo Acacia的意思好象是小海胆
这张同名的Sogyumo Acacia Band是他们的第一张专辑,似乎是他们唯一专辑。低调、抒情加简单的配乐是他们多数歌曲的风格。

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